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Table of Contents

The Doctrine of the Trinity in History and Scripture
Epistle of James
And the God of thy Seed
The Unfolding Mystery
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel
Introduction to Kline
Married to Another
The Structure of Biblical Authority

The Doctrine of the Trinity in History and Scripture

This is an Adult Sunday School class I taught in the Fall of 2015 at New Life Burbank.
Lecture 1: The Trinity Before Nicaea
Lecture 2: Arius and the Council of Nicaea
Lecture 3: Athanasius Against the World
Lecture 4: The Final Victory of Nicene Theology
Lecture 5: The Biblical Case for the Deity of Christ, Part 1
Lecture 6: The Biblical Case for the Deity of Christ, Part 2
Lecture 7: The Biblical Case for the Deity of the Holy Spirit
Lecture 8: Three in One
Lecture 9: The History of Anti-Trinitarianism
Lecture 10: Answering Unitarian Scriptural Arguments
Lecture 11: The Trinitarian Shape of the Gospel

Epistle of James

I preached this series on James in 2002. If you're wondering why there's no sermon on James 5:13-20, it's not because I tried to avoid this passage. It simply did not get recorded due to a technical problem. However, you can read it in the text form (see below).
James 1:1-12
James 1:13-27
James 2:1-13
James 2:14-26
James 3:1-18
James 4:1-12
James 4:13-5:12
James 5:13-20
James and Paul, Part 1
James and Paul, Part 2
Text of all James sermons (PDF 52 pp.)

And the God of thy Seed

In this 8-part series (1999) I attempt to make what I think is a biblical case for infant baptism. In addition, I deal with the subject of covenant nurture, that is, how we should treat and raise our covenant children. For both issues I draw heavily on the writings of Charles Hodge.
Infant Baptism, Part 1
Infant Baptism, Part 2
Infant Baptism, Part 3
Covenant Nurture, Part 1
Covenant Nurture, Part 2
Covenant Nurture, Part 3
Covenant Nurture, Part 4


A recent series (2006) on a subject that is dear to my heart: sanctification by faith in Christ who dwells in our hearts by the Spirit. Each MP3 is accompanied by a handout in PDF format.
Sanctification, Part 1   .   .   .   Handout 1 (PDF)
Sanctification, Part 2   .   .   .   Handout 2 (PDF)
Sanctification, Part 3   .   .   .   Handout 3 (PDF)
In these lectures I refer to Walter Marshall's Gospel Mystery of Sanctification (offsite).

The Unfolding Mystery

This is a series of Sunday School lessons, dated 1999-2000, in which I covered the whole sweep of covenantal history from creation to consummation, using Kline's Kingdom Prologue as my primary source of inspiration. (Thanks to Joel Fick for digitizing these tapes.)
Handout - The Grid (PDF)
01 Introduction, Part 1
02 Introduction, Part 2
03 Introduction, Part 3
04 Creation, Part 1 (Gen. 1)
05 Creation, Part 2 (Gen. 1)
06 Creation, Part 3 (Gen. 1)
07 The Covenant of Works, Part 1 (Gen. 2)
08 The Covenant of Works, Part 2 (Gen. 2)
09 The Fall (Gen. 3)
10 Post-Fall Revelation (Gen. 3)
11 The Interim World Order (Gen. 4)
12 The Redemptive Community (Gen. 5)
13 The Prophetic Community (Gen. 5)
14 The Antichrist Crisis (Gen. 6)
15 The Flood, Part 1 (Gen. 7)
16 The Flood, Part 2 (Gen. 7)
17 Review
18 Common Grace Re-established (Gen. 8-9)
19 The Tower of Babel (Gen. 11)
20 The Abrahamic Covenant, Part 1 (Gen. 12)
21 The Abrahamic Covenant, Part 2 (Gen. 15)
22 The Abrahamic Covenant, Part 3 (Gen. 17)
23 Review
24 The Life of Isaac
25 The Life of Jacob
26 The Life of Joseph
27 The Gospel of Moses (Exodus)
28 The Eschatology of Exodus
29 The Passover Sacrifice
30 Crossing the Red Sea
31 Israel at Mt. Sinai
32 The Mosaic Covenant, Part 1
33 The Mosaic Covenant, Part 2
34 The Mosaic Covenant, Part 3
35 Covenantal Analysis of the Mosaic Law
36 The Three Uses of the Law
37 The Tabernacle, Part 1
38 The Tabernacle, Part 2
39 The Sacrificial System (Leviticus)
40 Israel in the Wilderness (Numbers)
41 Israel on the Threshold (Deuteronomy)
42 The Conquest as Intrusion (Joshua)
43 The Need for a King (Judges)
44 The Ministry of Samuel
45 The Kingdom Transferred to David
46 Psalms of the Lord's Anointed
47 The Davidic Covenant, Part 1
48 The Davidic Covenant, Part 2
49 Solomon the Temple-Builder
50 Guidelines for Typological Exegesis
51 The Covenant Theology of 1-2 Kings
52 The Ministry of Elijah
53 King Josiah's Reformation
54 The Exile
55 Prophetic Idiom
56 The Return
57 From Malachi to John the Baptist
58 The Kingdom is at Hand
59 The Kingdom Consummated
60 Following the Plot of the Bible

The 70 Weeks of Daniel

The 70 Weeks of Daniel, Part 1
The 70 Weeks of Daniel, Part 2
Handout 1 (PDF)
Handout 2 (PDF)

Introduction to Kline

In the fall of 2004, I taught a 6-week class for The Academy at Christ Reformed Church introducing the covenant theology of Meredith G. Kline. The class was a revised version of a series I had taught on several occasions under the title, "God's Covenantal Kingdom." In it I explore the meaning of the Kingdom of God as the overarching theme of the Bible. The various Biblical covenants are the historical instruments God used to administer the Kingdom in its dramatic progression from creation to consummation, with Christ, God's obedient vassal-King, revealed in the fullness of His heaven-earning merit at the center of the stage.
Intro to Kline Handout (HTML)
Intro to Kline Lecture 1a
Intro to Kline Lecture 1b
Intro to Kline Lecture 2a
Intro to Kline Lecture 2b
Intro to Kline Lecture 3a
Intro to Kline Lecture 3b
Intro to Kline Lecture 4a
Intro to Kline Lecture 4b
Intro to Kline Lecture 5a
Intro to Kline Lecture 5b
Intro to Kline Lecture 6a
Intro to Kline Lecture 6b

Married to Another

This is a series I preached in 2002 on Paul's understanding of the Law with special reference to Romans 7:1-6. I attempt to unpack the meaning of Paul's teaching that New Covenant believers "were made to die to the Law through the body of Christ, so that [we] might be joined to another, to Him who was raised from the dead, in order that we might bear fruit for God." This series not only deals with Paul's understanding of the Law, but also his Christocentric doctrine of sanctification.
Married to Another Part 1
Married to Another Part 2
Married to Another Part 3
Married to Another Part 4
Married to Another Part 5
Married to Another Part 6
Married to Another Part 7
Married to Another Part 8
Married to Another Part 9
Married to Another Part 10
Married to Another Part 11
Text of all 11 sermons (PDF 61 pp.)

The Structure of Biblical Authority

This is a Sunday School class I taught in 2001 using Kline's book, The Structure of Biblical Authority. In it I cover the Ancient Near Eastern suzerainty treaties, Kline's concept of "covenantal canon," and the implications of both for the role of the Old Testament in the life of the church.
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 1
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 2
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 3
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 4
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 5
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 6
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 7
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 8
Structure of Biblical Authority Part 9

Special thanks to Jang K. Kim, David Jung, and Joel Fick who converted the cassette tapes of my sermons into digital format. Thank you, brothers, for the untold hours you have put into this project!