Syllabus for
“Introduction to Kline”

A Course at the Academy, Christ Reformed Church (Anaheim)
September-October, 2004
Instructor: Lee Irons


        KP = Meredith Kline, Kingdom Prologue - required
        SBA = Meredith Kline, The Structure of Biblical Authority - recommended
        CTRP = Mark Karlberg, Covenant Theology in Reformed Perspective - required

Lecture 01a/b (Sept. 10): Introduction & ANE Suzerainty Treaties

        Read The Use of the Treaty Format in the Mosaic Covenant
        Read A Sample Hittite treaty
        Read SBA, pp. 27-38, 45-53

Lecture 02a/b (Sept. 17): The Adamic Covenant of Works

        Read Genesis 1-2
        Read KP, pp. 1-7, 14-21, 91-117

Lecture 03a/b (Sept. 24): The Promise (Seed & Abrahamic)

        Read Genesis 3
        Read Genesis 15
        Read KP, pp. 292-355

Lecture 04a/b (Oct. 1): The Mosaic Covenant & the Davidic Covenant

        Read Galatians 3
        Read 2 Samuel 7
        Read KP, pp. 236-38
        Read CTRP, pp. 193-202

Lecture 05a/b (Oct. 8): The Ministry of the Prophets; The Gospels

        Read Ezekiel 37
        Read CTRP, pp. 309-19
        Read SBA, pp. 57-62

Lecture 06a/b (Oct. 15): The Whole (Federal) Enchilada

        Read Romans 5:12-21
        Read KP, pp. 138-42
        Read Kline's Covenant Theology
        Read Comments on the A. A. Hodge One-Covenant Construction of the Redemptive Order

Proposed Definition of the Kingdom of God:

        "The Kingdom of God has come when God exercises his sovereign power
                (1) to bestow his holy realm
                (2) on his holy people
                (3) through his obedient king (i.e., federal head)"