about Lee Irons

Email: lee at upper-register dot com

B.A. in Greek, University of California, Los Angeles (1992)
M.Div., Westminster Seminary California (1996)
Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary (2011)

I completed my Ph.D. in New Testament under the supervision of Donald Hagner and Seyoon Kim. My dissertation was a lexical examination of the claim that "the righteousness of God" means "God's covenant faithfulness."

I work in research administration at a medical school in LA.

My wife Misty is a writer and homeschooler. She runs a website and a blog in which she reflects on the relationship between homosexuality and Christianity: Musings On and More Musings On.

We have three kids and are members of New Life Burbank.

The following documents provide information about our controversy in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (2002-2003):

Chronology of the Controversy Over Misty Irons' Website (HTML)
These two pieces by Misty provide an excellent overview of the theological issues:
Calvinists, Pelagians and Homosexuality (HTML)
Common Grace and the Mosaic Law (HTML)

Documents related to Lee's trial:
Chronology of Lee Irons's Trial (PDF 6 pp.)
Text of the Three Charges (PDF 17 pp.)
What I Believe About Homosexuality (PDF 34 pp.)
Response to Charge Two (re: the Decalogue) (PDF 64 pp.)
Response to Charge Three (re: civil government) (PDF 52 pp.)
Report of the Ministerial Oversight Committee (PDF 3 pp.)
Presbytery's Presentation (Charge Two) (PDF 37 pp.)
Closing Argument by Lee Irons (Charge Two) (PDF 2 pp.)
The Trial Record (PDF 18 pp.)
Text of Lee Irons's Appeal to the 70th GA (PDF 10 pp.)
Testimony of T. David Gordon in the Trial (PDF 8 pp.)
T. David Gordon's Presentation to the GA Advisory Committee (PDF 7 pp.)
GA Debate re. the Irons Appeal (PDF 22 pp.)
Lee Irons's Letter of Withdrawal from OPC (PDF 6 pp.)
PSC-OPC Debate re. Lee Irons's Letter (PDF 12 pp.)
PSC-OPC Erasure of Lee Irons (2-7-04) (PDF 2 pp.)
Letter from PSC-OPC to PP-PCA (5-2-08) (PDF 1 p.)
Letter from New Life Burbank to PSC-OPC (8-3-09) (PDF 4 pp.)
Letter from PSC-OPC to New Life Burbank (2-8-10) (PDF 1 p.)
PCA SJC Letter to Parties - Judicial Case 2009-24 (3-15-11) (PDF 2 pp.)
PCA SJC Reasoning and Opinion - Judicial Case 2009-24 (3-15-11) (PDF 3 pp.)